Don't Know How

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    Don't Know How - Joss Stone

    You caught my eye
    And out of nowhere you appeared
    By surprise and it's not like me but certainly, I
    I heard myself calling for you

    Could it be fate
    I'm feeling butterflies
    And I can't escape
    And it's like a rush that's coming over me
    The sight of you just takes me away
    Boy you're so fine
    And I wanna tell ya so
    I'm much too shy
    Wanna make you mine
    But I don't know how

    Got so much time
    Your attitude, everything
    You make me smile
    Think I'm falling in deep for no reason why
    I can't help myself yeah yeah

    Friends think I'm wrong
    For being head over heels
    I should be strong
    Should I stay and deal with it
    Or should I just let go

    Feeling crazy my heart beats racing now
    I can't fight it
    Got to make you mine
    But I don't know how

    Baby let me know what's up now
    Ya got to show me some how, how you feel
    Cause I can't take it no more
    I really need to know what's good with you boy

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